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Estate Planning Is Not Just For the Elderly

estate planning lawyer in Greenville South Carolina

Many young people in South Carolina make the mistake of assuming that they have many years ahead before they will need to worry about estate planning. Others think that they don’t need to bother with such cautionary measures if they don’t have many assets or a lot of wealth. The reality is that every adult […]

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Can You Protect Your Pet in Your South Carolina Estate Plan?

estate planning law attorney in Greenville SC

When people are tackling their estate planning, they often don’t think about their pets in the process. However, if you are an animal lover, there’s a good chance that you’ve got at least one pet who relies on your for their daily care. What happens to that pet when you pass away? If you haven’t […]

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Making Sense of Probate in South Carolina

Greenville South Carolina estate planning lawyer

The best way to make sense of the concept of probate in South Carolina is to see it as the process of establishing whom should inherit assets under court supervision. If there is a will, then there should be an appointed individual to execute the will, nominated within that will. This person is called the […]

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Making Tomorrow’s Decisions Today

greenville south carolina estate planning attorney

Most of us fear death, which is the reason that many of us take medicine, exercise, monitor our diets, and take other similar steps. This fear may help explain why somewhere around 50 percent of Americans either do not have wills or have neglected them to the point that they are hopelessly out-of-date. This fear […]

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Dying With Debt

Greenville SC estate planning

You may think of estate planning only in terms of leaving money or assets to your family and loved ones after you pass away. While you can leave beneficial things to your loved ones, there are also some unbeneficial things that you can leave behind that can harm your loved ones. Often, those with significant […]

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Planning For Privacy

estate plan law attorney in Greenville SC

When a family experiences a loss, the last thing they usually want is publicity. For families with loved ones who pass away that were particularly popular by means of being famous, influential, or simply well liked by their communities, this privacy can mean so much to them. In an effort to save your family, your […]

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