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Personal Representative Problems: Paying Creditors

greenville sc upstate probate estate planning attorney

Probating an estate is a complicated and costly process. In addition to the stress of losing someone, a personal representative is often left in a tough position to navigate the probate process, especially if a decedent did not plan as efficiently as possible. One of the most complex and important parts of administering an estate […]

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Bequeathing Wealth to Charity

estate planning lawyer greenville upstate south carolina

While it is a common occurrence for people to want their assets to pass to family and other loved ones, there is an emerging trend, particularly for the very wealthy, to transfer assets to charity upon their death. While many may see this is an opportunity to give money to a worthy cause, there are […]

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Make Sure The Well Does Not Run Dry

upstate south carolina greenville estate planning

When choosing what tools will be a part of your estate plan, it is important to consider what goes to whom. However there are a few other considerations regarding the longevity and wise usage of the estate assets whenever they are distributed. It could be unsettling if there is any lack of certainty regarding whether […]

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The Basics Of Contesting A Will, Part II

estate planning lawyer greenville south carolina

There are few feelings more unsettling than knowing that a loved one’s wishes are not properly reflected in their will, especially if an heir or otherwise recognized beneficiary is disinherited or mis-inherited. In Part I of this post, we discussed what it means to contest a will. In Part II, we will discuss the mechanics […]

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The Basics Of Contesting a Will, Part I

estate planning lawyer greenville south carolina

The main argument for the need to properly plan your estate is the potential of a contested will.  These fights can be long, costly, and emotionally heated. Most decedents would prefer their families not be split apart over the allocation of their assets. However, an attorney can help you through a situation where you may […]

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Estate Planning Considerations for the Hobbyist

estate planning sc greenville attorney

Many of us have things we like or hold onto because they bring us joy. Some of us zealously collect things that we enjoy very much, spending significant amounts of time and money on the attainment, preservation, and enjoyment we obtain from these objects. It is only suitable that once someone passes, their collectibles are […]

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Planning For a Coma, Part II

  In Part I of this article series, we discussed the need for all of us to consider the possibility of a coma or long term unconsciousness when we do any type of estate planning.  In Part II, we discuss, in-depth, some of the tools that are most op commonly used for that purpose.  In […]

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Planning For a Coma, Part I

Very few people expect to experience a coma.  Comas can occur for different reasons, last for varying lengths, and end in different ways.  Some comas are shorter, and end with the patient waking up and returning to their lives after a lengthy rehabilitation process, while others are longer.  Some comas end in death, while others […]

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