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Dying With Debt

Greenville SC estate planning

You may think of estate planning only in terms of leaving money or assets to your family and loved ones after you pass away. While you can leave beneficial things to your loved ones, there are also some unbeneficial things that you can leave behind that can harm your loved ones. Often, those with significant […]

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Planning For Privacy

estate plan law attorney in Greenville SC

When a family experiences a loss, the last thing they usually want is publicity. For families with loved ones who pass away that were particularly popular by means of being famous, influential, or simply well liked by their communities, this privacy can mean so much to them. In an effort to save your family, your […]

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Personal Representative Problems: Safeguarding the Estate from Identity Theft, Part II

greenville SC estate planning lawyer

In Part I of this article, we discussed what “ghosting” is and how easily it can happen to any estate.  In Part II, we will detail how an identity theft of an estate can affect you and the deceased’s family and we will also discuss some ways you can prevent identity theft during the probate […]

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Personal Representative Problems: Safeguarding the Estate From Identity Theft, Part I

greenville SC estate planning lawyer

As a personal representative, you may feel that your duties are endless and know no bounds. In many ways, that statement is rather true, however, we hope to make that job easier for you. While it may not be a scenario many think about, identity theft is a fast growing problem for the estates of […]

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Estate Planning for the Real Estate Investor

greenville sc real estate investor last will and testament lawyer

Real estate is one of the ways savvy investors make money. It is easy to determine what to do with personal assets like cash or possessions, but when you have multiple properties that may or may not be in your possession, planning your estate to minimize costs, time, and tax burden may be more challenging […]

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Losing The Will Can Mean Losing Your Inheritance

greenville sc upstate probate attorney

After a loved one passes, you may feel overwhelmed, not just with your grief, but also with the concerns of your loved one’s estate. Four small words form one short question that can compound that stress immensely:“Where is the will?” If you are not able to answer that question with certainty, probating your loved one’s […]

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Leaving Property To Minors

greenville south carolina last will and testament lawyer

One of the most sorrowful situations is when a child loses someone they love and and who loved them. Sometimes, the decedent leaves something significant for the child, like property.  It is important to consult with an attorney who can inform you of the relevant laws and the requirements when determining how a property gift […]

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Probate: Know When You Need An Attorney

greenville sc estate planning attorney probate

When a loved one passes, probating their estate may be the last thing you want to do. Even if the decedent left a will, you may still feel overwhelmed balancing your obligations with your grief.  Some individuals prefer to deal with the estate themselves. However, there are some situations that would greatly benefit from the […]

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Estate Planning for Business Owners

greenville south carolina estate probate planning attorney business owner

When planning your estate, you of course remember to make arrangements for your heirs, determine who should keep your collectible items, and ensure that your cash and assets are properly distributed per the plan. But what should you do with your business? Unlike simple possessions, you cannot expect your survivors to know what to do […]

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Starting the Probate Process

greenville south carolina estate planning lawyer upstate

Any personal representative will have the immense responsibility of overseeing the proper probate of a decedent’s estate. Although the stress may seem overwhelming at times, there are a few things you as a personal representative can do to keep all the moving parts together. An experienced attorney can always make this process easier and, in […]

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