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Making Sense of Probate in South Carolina

Greenville South Carolina estate planning lawyer

The best way to make sense of the concept of probate in South Carolina is to see it as the process of establishing whom should inherit assets under court supervision. If there is a will, then there should be an appointed individual to execute the will, nominated within that will. This person is called the […]

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What You Need to Know About Small Estates in SC

Greenville SC estate planning lawyer

Many people don’t realize that things work differently with small estates – that is, those which are valued below the “small estates” limit ($25,000) – in South Carolina. In fact, if the estate qualifies as a small estate, then you can completely avoid the formal probate court proceeding that is typically involved in estate matters […]

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How to Deal With Inherited Real Property

estate planning lawyer in Greenville SC

It’s nearly always true that real property has an emotional value that is almost as great as, or even exceeds, the economic value, and this is especially true with inherited real estate. In fact, the emotional/financial equation is often out of balance. Many older homes require work, and heirs may be uncertain as to how […]

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South Carolina Joins The Throng

Greenville South Carolina probate law attorney

After they had debated the measure for more than a year, lawmakers in the Palmetto State adopted the Uniform Power of Attorney Act.   At one time, nearly all states used the UPOAA. But as originally designed, the measure had some gaps which state legislatures essentially took it upon themselves to fill in. Now, twenty […]

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Should You Avoid Probate Or Embrace It?

Greenville SC probate law attorney

Probate is not always something to be avoided at all costs. In some cases, the court-supervised process of distributing assets can even be a good thing. If the testator (person who makes a will) anticipates a dispute between heirs, it may be good to have a judge already involved in the process. Similarly, judicial supervision […]

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Digital Assets in a Material World

Greenville South Carolina probate law attorney

Perhaps the most challenging part of a personal representative’s job is gathering all the decedent’s documents related to property ownership, from deeds and notes to account numbers and obscure title documents. The task is even more vexing when the assets are completely intangible, and a few recent high-profile examples highlight this dilemma.   10 years […]

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Charges Pending In Interstate Probate Fraud Case

Greenville South Carolina probate law attorney

A Camden man faces multiple criminal charges after he allegedly falsified documents to keep receiving New York State pension payments for a deceased retired worker.   Authorities charged 67-year-old Joseph Grossman with wire fraud and conspiracy stemming from an account belonging to a woman identified only as “Pensioner One.” After she retired from the state […]

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Making Tomorrow’s Decisions Today

greenville south carolina estate planning attorney

Most of us fear death, which is the reason that many of us take medicine, exercise, monitor our diets, and take other similar steps. This fear may help explain why somewhere around 50 percent of Americans either do not have wills or have neglected them to the point that they are hopelessly out-of-date. This fear […]

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Probate in the Palmetto State

greenville South Carolina probate law attorney

The most well thought-out and carefully executed wills are only pieces of paper before they are probated, a term which simply refers to the process of making wills and other estate planning documents legally enforceable and empowering the executors to carry out their intended functions. Probate law is a rather specialized area that combines the […]

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