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The Benefit of a Probate Lawyer in South Carolina

probate law attorney in Greenville SC

A probate attorney in South Carolina is a very useful resource when you’re dealing with the aftermath of the loss of a loved one. These legal professionals are capable of guiding you through the probate process and dealing with any disputes that may arise. Probate can be stressful for the beneficiaries and the executors of […]

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Estate Planning Is Not Just For the Elderly

estate planning lawyer in Greenville South Carolina

Many young people in South Carolina make the mistake of assuming that they have many years ahead before they will need to worry about estate planning. Others think that they don’t need to bother with such cautionary measures if they don’t have many assets or a lot of wealth. The reality is that every adult […]

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Understanding Probate and How to Settle Probate Disputes and Disagreements

Greenville SC probate law attorney

Part of the reason that the process of probate is so complex and confusing is because it tends to follow a tragic and emotional circumstance, the loss of a loved one. Further, the executor of the will and/or the beneficiaries likely have very little experience with handling probate, may not know what to expect or […]

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Can You Protect Your Pet in Your South Carolina Estate Plan?

estate planning law attorney in Greenville SC

When people are tackling their estate planning, they often don’t think about their pets in the process. However, if you are an animal lover, there’s a good chance that you’ve got at least one pet who relies on your for their daily care. What happens to that pet when you pass away? If you haven’t […]

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Seven Key Tips for Your Last Will and Testament

Greenville South Carolina probate law lawyer

Drafting a Last Will and Testament is not something most people look forward to in life. It requires contemplation on what will be done after you have left this earth. Nevertheless, it must be done to protect your assets and your loved ones.  If you pass on without a valid last will and testament (i.e. […]

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Tips on How to Avoid Probate in South Carolina

estate planning lawyer in Greenville SC

Probate is the legal process by which a deceased individual’s estate is settled. The probate process involves multiple steps to ensure the decedent’s wishes are carried out and the title of property passes to the intended heirs. It requires filing multiple documents with a court and having the court approve the distribution of assets. This […]

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