Estate Planning and Asset Protection Attorneys

Who We Are

Your Estate Planning Attorney

We are Greenville, South Carolina estate planning and asset protection lawyers.  We can help you to lovingly protect your legacy--your family, your wealth, and your business--by listening to you and working closely with you and your trusted advisers to develop a comprehensive, custom-tailored plan that addresses the needs of both you and your loved ones.

Helping to Protect Your Family

Did you know that you can leave your financial legacy to a surviving spouse and/or children in such a way as to help protect it from their creditors (including divorcing spouses), predators, and even themselves?  You can!  Call our office to schedule a consultation, and we will show you how to leave gifts that are more likely to be long-term blessings for those most important to you.

What We Do

Estate Planning

Our estate planning attorneys are prepared to provide you with attention, compassion, and strategies that will add value and serve you and your family throughout your life and after your death.

Asset Protection

Trusts for the lifetime of the beneficiaries provide prolonged asset protection for the trust assets. Lifetime trusts also permit your financial advisor to continue to invest the trust assets as you instruct, which can help ensure that trust returns are sufficient to meet your planning objectives.

LLC Formation

LLCs combine tax planning flexibility with administrative simplicity, legitimate asset protection, and a built-in plan for succession of interest after the business owner retires or dies.